July 23rd, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Pink Zebras

Yesterday, I also took trash and recycling out plus dropped the DVD at the post office before I got the meds. Today the scheduler woke me up and said we're set for 8/17. I emailed janetmk to see if she can take me on that day. I really appreciate her offering, since she has to come out from DC past the hospital, pick me up, go back in to the hospital, sit around, bring me back out, and go home. That's a lot of driving and sitting around!

I spent some time last night getting the Pink Zebra necklaces ready to go, and then today working on having everything done but the actual packing. More backstage BFAC work, and I go to see Harry Potter in about 90 minutes. I may not get through everything else tonight.