July 20th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

XKCD a Day Late

Now, I could have used this yesterday!

I left early for bookgroup on Saturday and dropped two DVDs at the post office and got money for this week at the ATM, so I only had to get groceries today. I had a short list and it wasn't as bad as usual.

The WashPost ombudsman's column yesterday talked about when they would start inline ad linking. Not if, when. So I sent him a scan of a column from their chief tech columnist saying how wrong it was, and asked him why they'd be unethical now. I don't know if he'll answer.

And in their chief tech's column yesterday, I found out that I can get my Verizon DSL without the landline. It would save me $35 a month, which is a good bit. I'm going back and forth in my mind. I have a cellphone that I keep charged. I have a wind-up charger for it, that I keep wound up. In all the time I've had the cellphone, I haven't needed a plug-in phone. Then again, if something happened to the cellphone or the towers, etc., I would have to drive somewhere to use a landline. I can't get to anybody else's condo except Luke's and I can't go up his inside stairs. What do you guys think?