July 14th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Nice Day for a Hair Cut

I was still in pretty good shape after the thrift shop and getting labs done, and since there's a Supercuts near Kaiser, I headed there. They were closed for good. I drove back toward home and decided to chance the Hair Cuttery near the Giant. The reason I stopped going there a long time ago is because they had a stylist who kept trying to lead me to Jeeeesus. She wasn't there today (or maybe any longer), so I had my hair cut an inch long. She asked if the curl was natural or a perm and I explained how it turned up when my hair came back in after the second renal failure, so I wasn't born with it, but it wasn't a perm, either.

We got our monthly notice of bookgroup and were asked to wear Aloha shirts and sandals in memory of Charlie Brown. I don't have an Aloha shirt, but I have something close.

The Lifetime show that I taped on Sunday and watched last night, Drop Dead Diva, had a really excellent premiere. A vapid wanna-be model is putting on makeup while driving and has an accident. Simultaneously, a chubby brilliant lawyer who wears only black jumps in front of a bullet to save a colleague and dies. We see the model up at the Gateway where she learns that she can't go to Heaven or Hell because she's a 0/0 -- never done anything good, nor anything bad. She sees a button that says "Don't Push Return Button" and pushes it, putting her in the lawyer's body. Her gatekeeper has been demoted to guardian angel and tries to explain to her how things work: She's still her vapid self, but she has the lawyer's brain and body. She doesn't handle this well and goes off to see her best friend. They have enough memories that only they have that the friend believes what happened, and says "This is so unfair! Bad things shouldn't happen to skinny people!" and all I could do is laugh. There were excellent setups and visual cues. I'm definitely going to watch this one for a while.