July 13th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

A Longer Week

I got money at the ATM today and dropped off a DVD at the post office and then got groceries. I came home breathless and completely wet, even though it wasn't that humid out. After getting the perishable groceries into the fridge & freezer, I called the seamstress to tell her I was home and ready to trade money for pants. While I was waiting for her in the recliner, I got a call from the nephrologist covering for mine while she's away, and he wants me to have another Vitamin D level tomorrow.

The thrift charity shop is sort of in that direction, so I moved stuff out to the back of the van with the collapsible crate and hope to be up to delivering it tomorrow after the lab. I brought the crate back in so I can use it to take trash & recycling out on Wednesday before the pulmonary function test. Then Thursday is the CT of the chest. I was hoping to get my hair cut this week, but I think I really need Friday at home because Saturday is bookgroup.

Time keeps expanding for things I didn't anticipate.