July 1st, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Recycling and Medical Stuff

I took the recycling out today and there was someone else at the transfer station section for individuals. She said she'd never been there when someone else was and I told her I'd seen four or five people so far. I told her I can recycle everything but cardboard at the condo complex, so I only came when I had enough cardboard to make it worthwhile. Then I dropped a DVD in the drive-by box at the post office.

I came home and started scheduling the three tests ordered Monday and they all offered me tomorrow when I already have an appointment with my primary doctor. I had one put on next week (where I already have an appointment) and the other two on the next week.

Then I made up and printed out calendars for the next three months because the rheumatologist gave me a rather complicated prednisone taper that I will almost certainly screw up if I have to do it memory.
20111112, Marilee

Carthage Ascendant: The Book of Ash, #2 by Mary Gentle

I commented on the first book (in the US -- they were all one book in the UK) here.

We left Ash, the mercentary captain, holding off an army from North Africa -- an army that is not in our history -- and being pushed back to hold a part of Europe that we don't know. The interleaved material continues to give us more information about what's happened.

The military commander of the North Africans, the Visigoths, turns out to be Ash's twin and they both speak to the Stone Golem. Ash thought the Stone Golem giving her military tactics was her saint, but Faris has always know what it is and who she is: a slave bred just like rats. In fact, the breeder seems to like rats better. When Ash finds out that it's a machine, she tries to convince her current bosses that she needs to go to North Africa and find out about it.

They say no, but she is kidnapped by the Visigoths and meets her breeder and learns more about them and the Stone Golem. There is fierce fighting in the Carthage that is not our Carthage and we find out just what the pyramids really are.

There's also an example of "don't ask, don't tell" and anti-gay sentiment.