June 27th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Moving Laundry Around

And not just in the appliances. I realized that I have too much stuff to do all next week to also get groceries any day considering the breathlessness, so I'm washing sheets today and will get groceries tomorrow. The Sears guys brought the new washer & dryer right at the beginning of their two-hour window and set them up (the dryer stacks on the washer) and took the old one out. I swept as well as I could where the old one was while they were out, and I'll wash what extra shows of the floor now in a bit.

The washer is so quiet that there are times I don't believe it's running. I can hear the zipper on the pillow in the dryer hitting the inside, but nothing else. The new appliances are just enough bigger that I can't keep the buckets I use to carry water in there anymore, they'll have to go into the guest bathroom tub, but it's not used often, so that shouldn't be too bad.

Spirit, who I noticed has a nice layer of fat now, hid behind the water heater while the guys were working next to her. O cat of little brain. They'd been gone about 45 minutes before she came out and when I put a pillow in the washer, she stood in the hallway, mesmerized by seeing it going around in the cat-level window.