June 24th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

She-e-e-e-e-e's Radioactive!

Only for a couple of days and not enough to hurt anybody, which is a good thing because the dryer stopped being hot last night. I called when I got home today and have Sears coming to look at it (it's a Kenmore) tomorrow, and then went to bed and slept for four hours. I'm pretty sure I'll sleep tonight.

If I slept at all last night, it was in bits during the last two hours, so I was up at 5:30am and pulled out of the parking lot at 6:30am. I got to Kaiser Penderbrook at 7:22am and that's usually a 20-minute drive in the middle of the day. I got back down to come home at 12:22pm, so they were right about 3-5 hours!

This is different from CTs and MRIs because instead of throwing radiation at you, you get injected with the isotope and the machine reads it. It took longer for me than most people because I have more other things wrong. The first thing we had to figure out was who actually ordered the test. I was sure it was Heshmat; I have his summary here that says so. But the write-up for it was from a doctor whose name I didn't recognize until the nurse told me he was an anesthesiologist. So the anesthesiologist I saw on the 15th, and who said we should do the endometrial biopsy in the hospital, took over the test ordered on the 9th. He has it listed as pre-surgical, which is fine with me.

When I remembered I had the depakote level to get, they took it from the IV before all the test fluids went in. You go through the machine twice -- before the isotope and after -- and there's an hour of time out before both times. The isotope opens all your veins, so the nurse gave me a drink (diet ginger ale because I try not to have sugar) and animal crackers to close the non-heart veins while I waited the hour. The nuclear medicine tech handled all my curiosity very well, and then we found out that the doctor who had fixed his back was the new doctor at the neurosurgury practice that I worked at 1975-6. I was surprised the oldest doctor was still practicing.

Nobody rushed around when I finished the test, and this summary says they'll call the result in 2-3 days, so nothing was really obvious, at least.

There were four of us there rotating through the machine and other rooms and checks. The other three were men, one with his adult daughter. One of the men brought a book. I brought the WashPost which I gave to one of the other men as I finished the sections, the first and second books of Ash because I was close to the end of the first, slippers, my pink sheet with accurate med/dose info, and my reading glasses. The other two men didn't bring anything. I'm quite sure we were all told it would be 3-5 hours because I heard the nurse talk to patients she was scheduling while I was in the machine the second time, so why didn't they bring things to entertain themselves?