June 18th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

The Urologist and Other News

He said 80% of people in the world have small renal cysts and we should re-image in two years. He showed me the CT, too, which was nice.

I headed out to the new Manassas Kaiser and picked up the new levothroid. My TSH was low again, so the levothroid was too high. I'm now $1.85 from the Plan D donut hole, and all my meds cost more than that. The next refill/order will drop me into paying for all my meds.

I had two odd things happen with men:

On my way out, I was on the ring road of a large mall, driving 20mph which is 5mph under the limit. Another car was coming the opposite direction when a car pulled out from the mall, fortunately turning across me so it was the other car that had to slam on the brakes, and the driver yelled at me SLOW DOWN. Well, I was already slow. He should have waited for a bigger spot to pull out.

And then at Kaiser Manassas, I was sitting waiting for them to fill the levothroid and I had the WashPost on the chair next to me (I always take the Post with me, you never know how long things will take) and a man came and sat on the next chair and reached out for the paper. I pulled it to me and said "That's mine." He said "I want to read it." I said "It's mine." He said "I want to look at it." I said "You can't," and, seeing my name on the board, got up to get my meds. As I did that, he said sarcastically "That's a nice answer." I wish my brain was faster -- I could have given him a dollar and told him to get his own. I like reading crisp fresh papers and the only way to do that is to be the first person to read it.

Remember when I talked about the problems with the Prince George's police/guards and Ronnie White's "suicide"? Well, more problems now: a guard "inadvertently" opened a cell door that let one inmate really damage another inmate that he wanted to damage. And a police officer took part in a bank robbery by standing outside in uniform to keep suspicious people away.

And finally, an excellent Tom Toles cartoon about how Congress always wants to hang gun bills on DC bills. The Capitol actually looks like it's looking in the window.
20111112, Marilee

Sibyls & Spaceships by Jo Walton

This is Jo's poetry chapbook from her GoHness at Boskone this year. I've read all these poems before, but I really loved reading them again. Jo has a knack for not only giving us words in the order to make stories and pictures, but to make them feel like real things, things where we say "of course." It's still available from NESFA Press, and I highly recommend you buy a copy and enjoy reading and rereading it yourself.
20111112, Marilee

The Ballad of Jack and Rose

Daniel Day-Lewis plays Jack, a former commune-member whose wife left him and their daughter, Rose, on the commune property alone. As Rose becomes a teen, she clearly fixates sexually on her dad. When he realizes this, he has the woman he's been having sex with for four months move in, along with her two boys. He tells Rose they're going to have guests, but it's obvious to her that they're moving in. She talks to her dad about it and he says it's "just an experiment." Rose has the younger creepy son impale her and is happy when she finds blood on the sheet. Jack is not so happy when he finds it on the clothesline in the morning marked "Just an experiment."

A second plot line has Jack trying to keep the island they live on without development and he vandalizes the houses.

The ending here is only slightly unexpected and I found myself saying "Jack, you idiot!" a lot.