June 12th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Better Grocery Shopping

I had to take a chair into the kitchen to put the Peapod stuff away yesterday and I knew I also needed it to pull cat food cans forward on the shelf under the counter. Well, there were only four cans and I wasn't planning to get groceries until Wednesday next week because it was the only day I had free. I could just give them dry food on Tuesday, but I should be more responsible than that. So I decided to go today and I looked at the circular for their week starting today and also added the glucosamine I take (on BOGO), and Ben & Jerry's because they were on sale 2 for $6 plus if you get four, one is free. They're only 4gr protein per quarter pint and I had room in the freezer.

Then this morning I checked email first and got the results for Tuesday's labs. Everything was near normal except I'm now at the top number of stage 4 GFR and the protein in urine is 109 (normal range 2-24; my normal 9-11). So I went back through the circular to find things where I could give the protein grams more granularity and ended up with bread and triscuit and nuts.

I did much better walking this time and wasn't so much out of breath, so the lasix prescribed Tuesday is working. This was a lot more than I usually spend on a grocery trip, $87.14, but I had $30.74 savings bringing it to $56.40. I hadn't originally planned to spend more money this week so I had to use my debit card and also took out another $20 (for $78.21 with tax) so I'd have enough money for the three $10 copays I need next week.

The nuclear medicine test got scheduled for the 23rd and they talked me into taking a 7:45am appointment not because I'd get home earlier, but because that's the first appointment of the day and I'll spend less time there. Once they get more people in, we start trading off on the machines. Being first might mean only three hours instead of five. Also, someone called from the brain rehab program I was in to do a three-month checkup.

All the fabric for the new pants came today and I emailed the seamstress to let her know, and also to give her my (lack of) free time next week in case she'll be done with the muslin trial pair by then.

And making me happy today, Netflix emailed that I'm getting Monsters Inc. tomorrow. It's one of the DVDs I like enough to put back at the bottom of the queueueue after I've watched it.
20111112, Marilee

Off the Map

When I read the blurb on the Netflix packet and saw it had a young girl and a depressed father, I thought "oh no." But this is a much better movie. It's set in 1974 when a family (Sam Elliott, Joan Allen, and Valentina de Angelis) heads west to New Mexico and live on what they kill, raise, and trade for, bringing in $5K a year. The movie is a flashback with Amy Brenneman as the adult daughter doing occasional voiceover, and her younger self is self-sufficient and knows what she wants. J.K. Simmons plays the father's best friend, who like the others is trying to bring the father out of his almost literally paralyzing depression. Then the tax man (Jim True-Frost) shows up. They knew they didn't need to pay taxes, but they didn't know they needed to file. The tax man is stung by a bee from one of their hives and comes near death from an allergic reaction. His look at life changes and he becomes part of the "family" and an artist.

Watching the people change and how each one does was really great. Excellent cast and good acting -- I like that in a movie.