June 7th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Sheets and Fabric

I'm washing and changing the sheets, as usual on Sunday. I'm almost halfway through ripping my CDs to .mp3s, to have on the Eee, but I'm not listening because they go faster without listening.

I ordered the pants fabric and saved some pages with possible tops fabrics. I probably won't have her make tops this year, since I have ones that fit (more or less) and match, and will need her to make winter pants, but I couldn't resist. I calculated how much each pair of pants would cost total:

$40 ($15 in fabric, elastic, thread, and shipping plus $25 for her labor) and these will fit while the commercial pants that don't fit are $69. Ha! Look at what they consider "flattering colors"! And look at the review -- same problem *I* have with the crotch!

Hmm, that's better than 2/3, that's 4/7 in comparison.
20111112, Marilee


I have no idea how this got on my queueue. It's a spoof of a scary movie, with C-list celebrity cameos and Randy Quaid as the evil monster-maker. I didn't think it was scary, funny, or even spoofy.