May 17th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Mooore Sleeeep

There was pounding on the door when I'd only had five hours of sleep and I considered not answering. But I put on a robe and glasses and came down the hall to find a guy who wanted to move my van so they could put a moving truck there. The woman who bought the foreclosed condo at the bottom back of our end of the building (for $80K, so I'm now $50K upside down) was moving in and I decided to be nice and let them move the van. He brought the keys back and I tried to go back to sleep, but they were too noisy. They left while I was skimming the WashPost, and didn't move the van back. I'll probably have to nap later.

I'm doing a lot of little things but it still hurts to walk. The sheets are getting washed and I'll put the clean ones on piece by piece when I take breaks from online.
20111112, Marilee

Ice Princess

When this DVD showed up in the mail, I was surprised. It's rated G and the blurb said it was a variation on "ugly duckling," and I'm not sure why I'd pick that. But I wanted some background movie while I worked on the new cat blankie last night and I watched it.

A physics geek finds out she might get a scholarship for Harvard if she does a good enough presentation. She likes skating on the home pond and decides to figure out the physics of skating at the local rink. She's dissed by the skaters and their parents, but then as they get to know her, and she coaches them with what she's learned about the physics of skating, they start liking each other. It's actually a nice little movie with more complications than you'd expect from the blurb.