May 16th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Difficult Day

Still lots of pain so I'm just going to post these two and then take narcotics and drool in the recliner. I see the primary doctor about some of it on Tuesday; I'm glad for that.

We had 14 adults and a baby at the bookgroup and 13+baby went out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse where they were amazingly incompetent. I've been there before with fewer people and without this kind of problems, but you do think they would be able to ramp up to that number. We eat at other restaurants with around a dozen people without so many problems.

First, they made us a stuck-together table with 13 chairs and no babyseat thing. They said we could wait longer or break up. Then a very nice couple (where the man was on a scooter and had a partial left hand) offered to move to the next empty table so we could have theirs, and it was us who did most of the moving and setting up (and vigorous thanking). Then they had problems with the idea of separate checks (actually five, total). It took 30 minutes to bring drinks and another 30 minutes to bring food. We had two waiters, one for each side of the table, and one was about 10-15 minutes earlier on most things than the others.

Then the manager showed up and told us that the computer had crashed and didn't have our orders. She did distribute large plates of desserts on the house, which ameliorated the problems a bit, but then it took another 30 minutes for the checks. So we were there 2.5 hours and had exceeding bad service.

Now, the good thing now is that my friend AJ is having a fabulous jewely clearance on her site!
20111112, Marilee

A Thousand Words for Stranger by Julie E. Czerneda

This is the second book that everybody at the group disliked. The other book only had eight people at the meeting and we had 14 this time which makes it worse. We discussed it in less than 45 minutes and we usually take at least two hours for a book.

The Mary Sue element jumps out at you, it's so loosely written that you could get three better books if all the tropes were followed, and there are contradictions throughout the book. The reason we were reading this one, instead of a newer non-related book (Survivor), is because DAW put out a 10th anniversary edition and the library was able to get them cheaper.

Essentially, there's a paranormal group of beings who can move and talk and so forth through an immaterial substance. They have developed their power to a point where they no longer have enough diversity to continue to have kids. They think up an idea that might work and send one of them off with her mind blank. She interacts with humans and other aliens and eventually, we and she find out what happened.

It's really a romance/soap opera and I didn't like having to reread it.