May 13th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Spirit Ate!

She tried to sit with Shiva last night, who rejected her, and then came to sit with me for the first time, and she's literally skin and bones. I had the scale with me at the recliner because I was making balls out of nice skeined yarn (need them that way for the parts of the afghan) and I tried putting her on it, because I'm pretty sure she's less than five pounds, but she objected.

So today after taking trash and recycling out and getting my standing labs, I stopped at the PetSmart and bought three flavors of soft snackies from the same company the hard snackies came from, plus a box of the Whiskas pouches they used to eat. When I got home, I found neither of them like the soft snackies (I'll give them to the neighbors who took care of the cats while I was in the hospitals, maybe their cats will like them), but they both went after the pouch food.

Shiva ate more, and if I put him in a room or hold him away, Spirit won't eat. I think she's afraid I'll get her next. So I just have to let him have more. I'll give them another pouch later on tonight -- I don't want her to eat too much at first -- and I'll see about mixing the pouches with the wet food in a couple days since the canned food is better for them. Right now, though, it's important that Spirit eats.

I take her back to the dental vet tomorrow for her surgical follow-up and I hope that will be the last trip there.