May 11th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Man of the House

I watched this Saturday night, but didn't really post yesterday. I'm not normally big on Tommy Lee Jones movies, but this one sounded funny. Too bad it wasn't.

Jones' character, a sheriff, has to protect a group of five college cheerleaders because they saw a witness being killed. His cover is their assistant coach and the blurb from Netflix says he teaches them choreography. I thought that would be funny, but nobody teaches them choreography, they're already gyrating away in the kitchen while making lunch. The plot is pretty predictable.

And then there's the character added in, I assume, to make younger folks want to watch. Cedric the Entertainer plays a former-convict pastor and he has scenes at the opening, the middle, and the end. The middle one, he dances against the cheerleaders, and they're much better, of course. His picture is on the DVD and I wondered if Netflix sent me the wrong disc, but no.

The only really good part about this movie is that Jones' character is enamored with a character within at least two decades of his age.
20111112, Marilee

More Busy

I called the dental vet today to tell him that Spirit still wasn't eating and could we come in to get more fluids. He was volunteering at the zoo (I forgot to ask on which animal) and called back and said he'd meet me at the office about noon and give her the sub-cue fluids. We did that, and I was explaining how badly she wants the snackies, but wouldn't even eat the pulverized paste I'd made, and he said to see if she'd eat it without the water. When we got home, I did, and she did lick up most of it, so I'll be pulverizing more. He also said that as long as I'm home and awake, she can have the collar off and she's very happy about that -- sitting on the kitchen window sill (the heating pad cover is in the laundry, so no heating pad on the table) in the sun.

Then I headed off to the grocery store where I bought bags of candy on sale. Since I have to limit my protein so much now, I still need something with fat and carbohydrates and that means sucking on a lot of hard candy.

Now I'm washing the cat blankies and online, and tonight I'm taking Steve, who helped me so much when I was in the hospital, and his wife Carol out to dinner. Carol has an unusual work schedule, so it's taken a while to get together. We picked a Thai restaurant that has wonderful reviews on the page, plus one of the families in our bookgroup rave about it, so I'm looking forward to dinner.