May 8th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

The Long Day

Spirit is still not eating, so we went in to see the dental vet and she got 150ml of sub-cue fluid. That should last her through the weekend. He said her mouth isn't healed enough yet to take the collar off for more than a little time while I watch her.

Drivers were nuts all day: a King of Pita's [sic] Bakery truck was driving so fast and changing lanes so abruptly that it rocked back and forth every time, two large tractor-trailers were at 70mph and less than a car-length behind the car in front of them, a kid in a bright red car wove back and forth in two 25mph lanes as fast as he could, and lots more.

I had planned to take recycling out on Wednesday, but things didn't work out, so when I got home and let Spirit into the house, I rested for a bit and then took those to the enclosure, got gas (found someone else's debit card from a local bank on the ground and called the bank) because of all the driving back and forth, and mailed a package at the post office where three cars went the wrong directions in and out.

I got home very tired and went back to the bedroom and slept for an hour. The box with my new toaster-oven/broiler just came so my next break will be to unpack that.