May 7th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Lunch, Spirit, and Bird Chef

I got a coupon in email from Noodles & Company yesterday that was good for six days -- buy one bowl, get one free -- and lizzibabe and I went out to lunch today and caught up.

When I got home, it looked like Spirit still hadn't had any input or output so I was getting ready to make liquid food and use a syringe when the dental vet called to check on her. He said it was still too early for that, but as long as we were confined, I could take the collar off and let her eat. Well, she still didn't want to eat, even though I put little dabs on her nose and she licked them off. Then she peed on my lap. More washing up and laundry, but at least there's been some output. I washed the collar because it had a lot of hair on it, and put it back on, and decided to see how well she did out in the rest of the condo. I shut the cat door on the utility room door so she couldn't go behind the water heater, and she settled on the heating pad on the cat table by the kitchen window. I'll have to put her back in the closet when I sleep, I think, but I only plan to go out once before Monday and I can let her stay out otherwise. Unless I can't catch her for her pain meds.

I have some black birds that come to the feeder and one is clearly ready for a bird restaurant. It shows up with a worm, dips the worm in sunflower chips, and flies away.

I'll be skimming LJ & ML again today. It hurts a lot to have to follow and try to get Spirit.