May 6th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Spirit Back at the Dental Vet

I'd been having a lot of trouble catching Spirit and giving her the pain/sedation meds and checking her mouth until yesterday when she really slowed down. About 8pm I was able to catch her, and three out of four suture sites had opened and she had a big infection. Her right front jawbone is exposed. I called and took her to the emergency clinic where they gave her antibiotics, pain meds, and fluid because she was down about a twelth of her weight.

When we got home about 11:30pm, I didn't want to have to catch her again this morning, so I set up my closet with the big undoored cage and a nominal litterbox, got the stuff I needed out, and then closed us in the bedroom. I put her in the closet, closed the door, and opened the bedroom door. Shiva sat and talked to her but she didn't talk back until 4:30am when I got up. I think I slept about two hours.

I got showered and dressed and ready to go, made the bedroom an airlock again, but was able to take her out of the cage directly into the little carrier. She was back to being fiestier. The dental vet place opens at 7am so we left at 5:30am and got there a bit early and I read a piece of the paper.

The dental vet agreed that she needed to be resutured, but they had appointments, so I should just leave her and they'd call me when she starts to wake up so I can get back in about the right time to take her home.

So I came home, undressed, and went back to bed for about 4.5 hours. I'm just waiting for the call now.