May 4th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

My Cytogenic Intake

I had the NeBuPent mist coming into my mouth via nebulizer while sitting in a room with an air handler that takes all the air out through it and filters while two double-masked nurses observed. I have two more treatments -- June and July -- and that's it. They'd never done this before and were consulting a lot of paperwork and checking each other. Hmmm, I wonder if they thought I had HIV and nobody had told them. Surely Kaiser would note HIV/AIDs on a chart. Oh, and the nebulizer itself had special filters.

I'd earlier been to the ATM, dropped off a DVD at the post office, and picked up groceries at the Giant.

I'm having trouble catching Spirit to give her the pain meds and to get both her & Shiva to eat. Earlier, Spirit went down the hall to my bedroom and I was able to sneak down behind her and shut the door. I gave her the meds (just squeezed into her mouth) and then carried her back to the kitchen, opened a wet food can, and put little bits (about an ounce total) into her mouth. Now she's really mad at me. She really wants to eat snackies, which are quite hard.