April 30th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Odd Days and Times

Yesterday I spent about five hours at two Kaiser centers with doctors, x-rays, and labs, and I wanted to have some time where nothing distracted me. I had dinner at Uno's and was pleased that they've downsized their gorgonzola/glazed walnuts/pomegranate dressing salad. I liked the big one with chicken, but this way I have more choice.

The labs came back today and my kidney labs have dropped dramatically from when I had them last on the 16th. My GFR was 46 two weeks ago and yesterday was 31. That's not just a big drop, but where I've been in Stage 3 (moderate) for about 10 years, I'm now just two points above Stage 4 (severe). My BUN was increased about the same proportion, so I'm going to cut back a lot on protein.

I went to bed really early last night so I could get up at 8am today so I can get up tomorrow at 6:30am. Spirit is going to the dental vet halfway in to DC with an appointment at 9am, rush hour. Better to get there a little early than late. I'll have to take the dry food away from both of them when I go to bed; when I get Spirit in the carrier in the morning, Shiva will get the whole can of wet food. Spirit is going to be very mad. She's been in the carrier twice so far today, kneading a bit; I hope she's not too much trouble to get into the carrier tomorrow!

I took the Hoover and too-big clothes to the charity thrift shop today, plus the fake flowers Luke gave me. When I first came home from the hospitals, he said he was going to send me flowers and I told him the cats might eat them, which wouldn't be good. He said he'd figure something out and the next day I had fake flowers (that looked quite real). Well, yesterday, someone tried to eat a leaf (probably Shiva) so the flowers had to go.
20111112, Marilee

Book Things

First, two media bits on Terry Pratchett:

Terry accepting the LA Times Book Prize with his cat.

The Guardian quoting Terry on exclamation marks.

It took me a while to decide what to read next. I have the bookgroup book that has to be read by the 16th for group, and the author has an unrelated trilogy that I have, so I'm going to read that before the next bookgroup. So what to read in this next week? Flying Cups and Saucers. It's an anthology which means if I don't finish before I have to start the bookgroup book, I can just finish after; I'll take it to the dental vet's tomorrow and get strange looks.

Speaking of strange looks for gender-related people and books, the Library of Congress has to pay a transgender woman because they rescinded their employment offer when told she was transitioning.
20111112, Marilee

Rebel Sutra by Shariann Lewitt

First, I could swear I've read a story made from part of this, but I can't find anything I can attach to it on ISFDB or in any comments about the book. Either that or I read the book earlier and forgot most of it.

It's definitely an unsettled book, both in story and in structure. There's a base of Indian gods and culture that conflicts with the stfnality. (For a much better book in this mode, see Sarah Zettel's Fool's War.) The narrative is past, present, and future, with some mixing. Weird interludes from one character.

There are two genotypes dumped on a desolate freezing planet by the Creators: humans and the Changed. The Changed manage the Exchange and are of course better than the humans who serve them. The rebirth mode turns up in many places, including rebellion. Characters have constant surprises which is unexpected considering how the characters are described and presented earlier.

This is her most recent book and doesn't lead me to read older ones.