April 25th, 2009

20111112, Marilee


I'm going to see Noises Off for the matinee tomorrow and it's going to be in the '80s. It's at the elementary school around the corner (where I vote) and I don't know what they'll do about the air conditioning, so I spent 45 minutes last night going through my summer clothes for fit and to see if any need mending.

I packed up about six pieces that are irretrievably too big and will take them to the charity thrift shop next week. I kept another six pieces that I can still wear, but are close to being too big, and I put two tops that are sort of too small in a drawer. They're from Rainbow Jo and they would be okay if the buttons were closer. They're far enough apart that the fabric sticks out between them, and I have way too much cleavage showing. It's possible that I'll lose enough weight to wear them. (I haven't been purposely losing weight, it's just happening a bit at a time.)

And then I took all the pants out to the living room, got close-matching thread, and mended every crotch. I need just another half-inch there to keep it from separating. I mended while I watched Numbers and then the tape I'd made of Primeval.

When I put the things I'm keeping back, I reorganized the closet so summer clothes are near the door and winter clothes near the back. We have a couple weeks each of spring and fall, so it's not worth buying clothes for those seasons; I just pick something close from the other two.

I picked out an outfit for tomorrow and jewelry to go with it, but I've lost enough weight around my neck that I'll shorten the necklace tonight.

The TV channel TCM is doing something interesting tonight: while Barbra Streisand is performing live on CBS, she's also performing on TCM in Funny Girl, which is one of her best movies. I may watch a DVD instead, but I'm definitely considering the movie.