April 21st, 2009

20111112, Marilee


I got in and out quickly and safely, although the safety took some attention. There were at least seven cars that started to change lanes without noticing that another car was already where they wanted to move. This was tied in with the start of Asphalt Season, even at the interchange of I-66 and the Beltway, so I was watching carefully.

The ENT is the one who sent me to Georgetown Hospistal in 2003 to have the vocal cords fixed. He numbed my mouth/nose and put the telescope in. He said he doesn't see any paralysis or scars and that my movement was very good. He said if I have pain and feel like I'm pushing to talk after a while, I probably am, and should be more careful and pull back.

We just had big winds and rain move through, dropping the temp from 68F to 51F. I'll have to close the windows soon and then I'm starting laundry. My new shoes (just like the old ones) came and I looked up a place to donate the old set right here in Manassas. They say "gently worn" and I'd say these are okay for people who walk well.