April 12th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Yaaaaay Yuri!

Yes, it's Yuri's Night -- the 48th anniversary of the first human in space!

Some other links:

The third WashPost Peeps Show.

The WashPost obit for D&D co-creator Dave Arneson.

A really interesting WashPost article on a professor whose last wish -- to have his skeleton articulated and displayed -- was fulfilled.

And the husband of the Cake Wrecks blogger wrote the commentary today, including "So my dear and wonderful wife, knowing how I get all weepy when I see kittens and bunnies and tribbles and the like...."
20111112, Marilee

Sleep Today

It was 7am before I realized that I hadn't slept because I hurt too much. I did a lot of little household work through the day yesterday, interlaced with being on the computer. So I got up at 7am, took some pain meds, and went back to sleep. I think this means a nap later.

Now that I can drive tomorrow, I'm trying to limit the list of things to do. Most are small, but do require walking.

I've made the grocery list to take with me and am listening to the last Flower Power CD. I may swap these with the ones in the van sometime this week.
20111112, Marilee

Dear Frankie

Frankie, who is nine, writes to his father all the time in this DVD. However, it's his mother getting the letters and replying to them. Frankie's father abused him when he was small and made him deaf, bringing his mother to move constantly to keep him away from his father. This move is to Scotland (where the local fish-and-chip store owner is played by Sharon Small from L&O:CI) and we see Frankie's ability to deal with his deafness.

Suddenly there's another problem: Frankie's mom told him his dad was on the cargo ship Accra so his dad was always away, but Accra is coming into their port. What will she do? She tries and finds someone to play Frankie's dad.

Frankie likes his "dad" but things get complicated. I really liked this movie.