April 8th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

New Keys!

The locksmith came and made new keys for the van. I checked them in the doors and the ignition and they all work fine. I asked him if he'd make me another set for not very much and he gave them to me free. So I have a second set. In the next few weeks I'll get copies of the house and clusterbox keys, which will be a lot cheaper. I'm not supposed to drive until Monday, but I cheated and drove through the development to charge up the battery and make sure the tires aren't going flat.

Yesterday I had a long email conversation with my neurologist and she insisted I come see her Tuesday morning (her nurse was wrong about me waiting for a regular appointment) so today I've been gathering information to take to her, including the first CT DVD.

I called LG again about the DVD/VCR service because my credit union doesn't do money orders. Turns out LG doesn't do (even certified) checks, so I gave them my debit card number, which I would have been happy to do last night.

The physical therapist is due soon and I'll have him give an opinion on getting into the van, although I didn't have any trouble today.