April 2nd, 2009

20111112, Marilee

No Taxes Today

I was up late last night and then didn't sleep well, so I slept five hours in the recliner after I got up. I moved the taxes to Saturday. One of my neighbors, a contractor, came over today to replace the flapper in my toilet. I had the flapper a few days before the stroke and didn't get to putting it in before the hospital. I decided I probably shouldn't try replacing it, so he came and did it and we talked about how our condo management company just quit and wouldn't tell us why. He and I are glad they're gone, except we don't know if this means they've wasted more money than we know.

(There's two missionaries walking back and forth across the parking lot; I had a vision of a paintgun.)

I'm running the dishwasher and washing the pillow I use in the recliner, and plan to watch the end of ER and taping CSI tonight.