April 1st, 2009

20111112, Marilee

"Command Decision" and "Victory Conditions" by Elizabeth Moon

I've reviewed the first three books: "Trading in Danger", "Marque and Reprisal", and "Engaging the Enemy".

I was halfway through "Command Decision" when I had the stroke and my friend Steve very kindly brought it and the last book to the hospital for me. In this book, Kylara starts building her interplanetary fleet and has a number of small battles while Rafe rescues his parents from his father's assistant and then runs ISC. We get information here and there on Stella and Grace, but not as much as before.

Then on to "Victory Conditions" which gives us more battles, Toby's girlfriend's turns out to be the daughter of a henchman of the bad guy, and the bad guy attacks Nexus, where Rafe is. Ky's fleet flies to fight.

This was really a fabulous series. I highly recommend it!
20111112, Marilee


The exercises since Friday have worked well -- I was able to do all the exercises at once when the physical therapist was here. He's going to come Friday/Wednesday/Friday still because, I think, he gets paid per session. And I hope the keys are here by next Friday so he can make suggestions about getting into the van.

I caught up on All About Beads today; it took a couple hours. This week's BFAC is really great! I also installed the new DVD/VCR. I may send the old one to be fixed, but it has a horrible rating on Amazon so I don't know if it's worth sending it.

I'm going to do taxes tomorrow. I'm late for the city property relief (disabled totally and permanently and don't make much money) because of when I got home, so I called the revenue office and as long as I do/get done the taxes, she'll come do the city form for me. My taxes are not that hard these days.