March 1st, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Not So Much Sleet

We had a small amount of sleet and snow last night and now everything that isn't in a constantly-shaded spot is dry. However, we're still supposed to get up to six inches of snow between tonight and midday tomorrow.

There's been more birds at the feeder today, which is common with snow, even when it isn't covering everything.

I think I'm going to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind while I'm online. It starts at 5:30pm ET on TCM and I've only seen it once before.
20111112, Marilee

Beading For a Cure - First Week Auctions

This is the charity where I'm a boardmember. A member of our beading group died of colorectal cancer a few years back and we put together a 501(c)3 charity that funnels almost all our money (we need a bit for postage and stuff like that) to NCCRA. We're all volunteers and we try hard to get as much money as possible to them.

We do this by selling bead kits in February and each person returns a project to us by mid-July so we have time to photograph the projects and get publicity out before we start the auctions.

This week's auctions are five lovely and distinctive necklaces, a beaded doll, a dreamcatcher, a beaded cuff, and a beaded draconic mirror. If anything sounds interesting, go look!
20111112, Marilee

City Snow Emergency!

We don't get these often. I just got a recorded call from the city saying that as of 9pm, they've declared a snow emergency and cars parked on snow emergency routes will be towed. It's nice of them to warn people!