February 23rd, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Better Balance

I had nine hours of sleep last night and then had PT. Even without exercises while I was in withdrawal, the therapist says I have better balance than before.

On the way to PT at the other end of the county, there were some really bad drivers -- the kind that barely make lane changes to get ahead of other people. One was bad enough ahead of me that the other drivers boxed him in. I kept hoping he didn't have a gun.

On the way home, not only were there no crazy drivers, but most of the trip was below the speed limit. I stopped at Ruby Tuesday's and had White Bean Chicken Chili and a loaded baked potato (my usual meal there) and that was very good. Instead of coming straight home, I headed on to a new shopping center and drove through to see what was there so far. Not enough handicapped spots or curbcuts, for one thing, but there are handicapped spots and a curbcut directly outside Noodles & Company. Some Capclaves ago, Kip and Cathy and Sarah and I ate at one in Silver Spring and really liked it. I hope this one is as good.

Now I'm washing cat blankies and trying to decide when to call LG electronics support about the DVD player. Probably a day I'm not planning anything else, which would be Thursday. Last night the DVD player wouldn't accept any of the Netflix discs or a brand-new recorded disc (Hogfather, which I haven't watched yet), but would accept the disc that came with it. I'd recorded on that to make sure I knew how to record to DVD. The ultimate thing to do yourself from the manual is to unplug it for five seconds and plug it back in and reprogram. I tried that, but it didn't completely erase programming because it still had datetime, and it didn't make the player accept the Netflix DVDs. So maybe I'll unplug it overnight and see if that actually sets it back.
20111112, Marilee

The Sunday WashPost Shrinks

The Sunday WashPost has now lost Bookworld. They were one of the few major papers to still have a separate section for books and the bit that's been delegated to the end of the Outlook section is pretty miniscule. They had earlier lost the Sunday Source section and before that combined the Style and Arts sections. The problem is that people stop taking the Sunday paper every time some part is removed and so the paper is made smaller and then more people stop taking it. I don't know where it's going.

I was early to PT and read the Sunday WashPost from 12/14 which had the best children's books for the year. Gaiman's The Graveyard Book was in the pre-teen list and Doctorow's Little Brother and Pratchett's Nation were in the teen list. I don't think they'll have room for anything like that next year.