February 12th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Still No Sleep

Okay, so Tuesday night I took the codeine at 9pm, expecting it to put me to sleep so I could be up by 1pm. I didn't get to sleep until 8am, so only five hours. I saw the rheumatologist yesterday and she's increased the colchicine so my hand won't hurt so much, says I should stop exercises that involve my right ankle for two weeks, and that the split skin and immobile hand come with the cold and gout/arthritis.

As I was leaving, I asked her if she'd seen the Enbrel commercial where the woman says "When I got rheumatoid arthritis, I didn't know it would damage my joints" and she said "Yes." It turns out we both said "How stupid" when we saw it. After all, if you know what's wrong, you must know what it is.

So I was online briefly yesterday and then napped for four hours and decided to watch the shows I'd taped and do some crochet rather than coming back online. I was in bed with the light out for eight hours last night, but only got five hours, so I emailed the neuro and the psych. I've heard from the neuro who says the dose of depakote isn't strong enough to cause insomnia, BP problems, and loss of appetite. I wasn't expecting it to cause the insomnia, but the BP problems and loss of appetite are on the warnings that YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR for. Haven't heard from the psych.

Now I'm getting sleepy again and I think that after my nap, instead of trying to go to bed at the right time, I'll stay up until I get sleepy. Maybe I can get enough sleep at once and then try to move it around the clock.

So no LJ or ML today, either, which means I probably won't try to catch up. If there's anything I need to know, post here. :)
20111112, Marilee

New Vet

The new vet was here today with her assistant and she seems very good and very down-to-earth. Shiva is fine and has lost a little weight from last year (which is good). I thought Spirit might need a tooth out, but she just needs a dental cleaning and is otherwise okay. She's gained a little weight from last year (good for her). They both got their rabies vaccines and Spirit got stuck for bloodwork to see if she's okay for dental cleaning. The vet will call Monday to let me know.