February 8th, 2009

20111112, Marilee


I feel a bit disconnected today, and my time sense is off. Usually I can tell time within 10 minutes, but today I've been as much as 90 minutes off. I had a bad night -- I kept waking up covered with sweat, like before I started HRT -- so maybe that's it. I have the new sheets on the bed and the second pillow in the dryer, so when that finishes, I'll probably have a nap.

Shiva has been playing with Micey (we have the grey one with the pink tail) today, all prey. Some days when he plays, he carries Micey around and makes parent noises. Spirit has played with bigball, but is afraid of Shiva when he skitters like that.

This is from a Miss Manners column in the 12/3 WashPost I read last night:

Dear Miss Manners:
What would be the tactful way to say "no presents but a money tree" for a birthday party?"

"Never mind all that junk -- just gimme your wallet"