January 30th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Management Responds

A day late, but I suppose it will help the others. Shiva came dashing into the bedroom for comfort this morning because there were strange sounds outside. I put on glasses and came out to peek from the shades and the shoveling guys were breaking up the ice on the rest of my handicapped spot, the one next to it, and the striped area and curbcut, and then putting ice melt down. Later during the morning, they broke up the ice on the sidewalks on our side of the parking lot (and the others in the same orientation) and put ice melt down. Shiva needed lots of cuddles, so when he relaxed, I slept an extra 90 minutes. When I got up and opened the shades, I found that we now have truly ugly building letter signs on our buildings. I'm not sure what use these are for, since people generally know their address and if you know the pattern, that tells you what building.

I took a letter to the post office to mail and then went to a new local restaurant, Longhorn Steakhouse. I'm sure it's a chain; we just haven't had it here before. The inside is very western with cowboy music and the paintings were truly awful. Considering that places like this usually get their stuff from the same place, you'd think some would be better. The one I was facing had clearly been done with the idea that darkness shows depth, but instead, it all looked like it was one level. I had the French Onion soup, which wasn't as salty as usual. I commented on that and the server said it's because the croutons don't have MSG in them. But that's not why French Onion soup is salty -- it's salty because of the broth. Then I had the black and blue burger, which is a blackened burger with bleu cheese on top. Plus lots of hamburger veggies and the lettuce was shredded, which makes it a bit harder to hold. Neither were outstanding, but I'd be willing to try it again.

My labs came back and four of the five labs the neurologist ordered are things I have routinely with my standing orders, from two doctors already (Kaiser hasn't bought lab software yet that will notify multiple doctors of a single test, so every doctor orders their own so they're notified*), but the fifth was the depakote level. I was under the effective range, and the neuro's nurse called. She said since I hadn't had any problems in this week, the doctor would probably want to stay there. I told her that I don't have these neuro events on a schedule, but that I would let them know about the next one.

Then later when I was making up the new lab list (so the lab techs will pull the right stuff), I realized that I'm two weeks off the standing order rotation. I emailed the neurologist to ask if I could have the next set of her labs either in two weeks (with the standing order) or in six weeks (the alternate month, because she wants them every month) because that would be easier for me and for the lab. We'll see what she says.

*It's always interesting to compare two sets of results that were taken from the same tube/bottle because they're frequently not that close. That tells you just how accurate lab tests are.