January 24th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Lots of Webwork

I actually got up at a reasonable time and went to the Giant to get a slice of chocolate cake for tomorrow. In our large online group of beaders, we had another friend die a few years ago and we decided to remember her on her birthday with her favorite food, so 1/25 is Helen's Chocolate Cake day. Feel free to join us, she'd be thrilled that people were eating chocolate cake! I also realized that this would be a perfect time to take an Amazon box and get all of the flavor of wet cat food we use that's on the shelf. Turned out to be 21, so $7.

I've been spending most of this time working on the BFAC website, setting up the galleries for this year. We're all volunteers and most of us have this kind of "work" -- something that happens in a big batch at one point of the year. In March & April, I auction this year's projects, and then all I have to do is nag people until the photographs are ready for next year.

I'm also doing laundry, including washing my coat. One of the few benefits of an all-polyester coat is that I can just take the political buttons off and empty the pockets and put it in the washer.