January 15th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Cold Again

It was 28F today and is planned to be 12F -- wind chill -4F here -- tomorrow, so I'm planning to stay in. I can pick up tomorrow's mail Saturday on my way to bookgroup.

I spent so much time sitting and watching the rescue in the Hudson on TV that I left late for my errands. I got a couple of boxes mailed at the post office and then went to get the Lyrica. Kaiser's going to be paying $190 a month and me $25, assuming the initial dose works, which is almost exactly the same as the costs for Restasis. These two alone would knock me into the donut hole, and I don't think just stopping Restasis after February and starting again in October, as I'd planned, will make enough difference considering all my other meds. I see the ophthalmologist in March and will ask him if there's any other options than the Restasis. I doubt it, but maybe something else came out this last year. If not, then I'm going to have to pick one -- eyes that are so dry they hurt like hell and I have trouble seeing, or little neurological events. I think I'd take the neuro and stop the Lyrica, but we'll see.