January 1st, 2009

20111112, Marilee

I Cooked!

Simple stuff, but I'm getting back in the hang of it. I boiled whole-wheat elbow mac (I need to get more pasta) and sauteed the last bits of kielbasa, onion, mushrooms, and garlic* in peanut oil. I grew up with peanut oil and it's listed as one of the best oils for cooking, so I don't feel bad about using it instead of olive oil. A bit defensive, maybe, but not bad. I think I'll use part of this week's extra money (Lucila didn't come) to buy a chicken next week and see if I can roast it, pick it, and make stock. If nothing else, I can pick it in the recliner and put bits in three-ounce tupperwares to go in the freezer. That works well for cooking stuff like this, where you can just add it in to be heated and flavored with the other stuff.

Nothing much going on today -- the kitties have been sleeping so prettily that I took a picture, but I'm not going to take it out of the camera today because I have something else to take pictures of in the daylight tomorrow.

I emailed Mouse Factory Toys and asked about them making a new Mr. Gator and ordered four more small glitter poms. Spirit keeps putting this one under furniture. And for a while this afternoon, she played swat/roll with me. We've had balls before and she never cared and this one doesn't have catnip, just glitter strands sticking up from all over it. She likes to carry it by the glitter strands.

*I was pretty sure I'd kept the garlic smusher when I gave most of the kitchen things away, and I was right. This is the only gift my stepsister ever gave me that I liked, and that was because she asked me what I wanted. She kept saying "Are you sure? Are you sure?" and of course I was sure. A good garlic smusher is a necessity for cooking.
20111112, Marilee

Media - Serious, Funny, and Weird

I'm still reading old WashPosts and in one of last night's, I found that Medicare has, as of 10/1/08, defined some "never events" that they won't pay hospitals for because they shouldn't happen. Some of the things on the list make a lot of sense -- serious bedsores when the patient didn't have any when they came in, for example -- and some are going to be hard to enforce -- suicide, for example -- while any of them may cause billing problems. Legally, once a hospital has the Medicare payment and a Medigap payment, if there is one, they can't bill the patient. But since they can't bill Medicare at all on these events, they may try billing patients. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Today's WashPost had the traditional In/Out List, but instead of being done seriously by a regular Style writer, it was done humorously by Hank Stuever, who is a really funny guy. I kept laughing as I read down.

And for the weird, watch this video. Warning, not for weak stomachs.
20111112, Marilee


When I put this movie on the queueueue, I didn't realize it was a spoof. Unfortunately, it's not a very good spoof. Four high school girls score highly on a secret test in the SAT and become DEBS (Discipline, Energy, Beauty, Strength), secret all-capable spies. It's supposed to be a take-off on something like Charlie's Angels, and I could see those points, they just weren't sharp enough. The whole thing was a little soft. They threw in some exceedingly minor lesbian action to spice it up and it was like putting old basil in your stew. So while it was fine for having on while I beaded, I wouldn't recommend it.

There was an actor in it that I thought I'd seen before, so I used imdb to get to his page and he was born in Hackettsville, NJ, where I consulted for M&M/Mars, but he would have been eight when I was there, so that wasn't it. But when I looked down his list of TV eps, he'd been in a lot of shows I watch, so it must have just been the accumulation that made me recognize him.