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Shiva Is Getting Better

Last night he sat with us in the recliner for a while (drooled like crazy, I'm changing the towel in his safe haven twice a day) and then went down to sleep on the cat blankie on the bed. After a while I went down and petted him and he purred. He came back out and tried a piece of dry food and spit it out, then ran down the hall again. After I turned out the light, he came and snuggled like he usually does, but wetly.

When I got up today, he was back in the safe haven and I had to pull the towel out to get him out and give him his pain meds. He came out here and hid under an end table. I gave him some very watery AD slurry and he ate all of that. Then I headed off to get more bird seed. It takes about five days to deliver the seed I ordered online and I need more before that. When I got home and put the new seed in the metal trash-can-looking container, I saw bright scratches on the edges where the squirrel had tried to open it.

While I was out there, a woman came across the street and I recognized her -- she used to serve at Pizza Hut before I stopped going because of the rude manager. She had her baby and when she wanted to go back, he wouldn't take her. So now she's working at Mamma Mia's (and she thinks I should come have pizza there) and living diagonally from me. Her family (husband, two kids) are renting from the Hispanic family who used to live there (the ones who started out with eight people and ended up with three) and are already having problems. She had recognized my van and when I was out on the porch with the seed, came over to say Hi. From where I was sitting, I could see a small fan in the master bedroom window, which is not allowed. I asked her about it and she said they found out after they moved in that the heating and air-conditioning doesn't work and the owners said they'd fix it and brought the fan. That's not enough here, and isn't acceptable to our bylaws, either. I told her there'd be a problem and she said she'd talk to them again. The baby has dark curly hair and pretty dark eyes.

Shiva just came out to sit on the heating pad and smell the outdoors and Spirit came to sit with him.
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