December 29th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Moon vs. Plane

I looked up into the dusk and saw the crescent moon and then an airplane approaching from the closed side. No! It was going to ram the moon! Would we have moonrocks falling all over? But then it just sliced through so cleanly that the entire crescent was left.

I finished Sarah's doll's sweater last night and packed it with her sweater and mailed it today, plus two DVDs and a card. I deposited my check and then went to get groceries. I had taken out extra money because I needed to buy kitty litter today and I decided to try buying some meat since I've been semi-cooking recently. The pork rib chops were on sale and I found the lightest package (with three chops) and bought that. I'll try slicing and stirfrying one tomorrow and put the other two up in the freezer.

I almost fell trying to get into the van the first time at the post office, but I was okay the second time. I hurt a lot now, though. Almost falling doesn't break things, but it hurts.

Lucila told me they might go to Houston for the holidays and she would let me know. And she did, about an hour ago, calling from Houston. At least I don't have to get up early tomorrow.

And tonight, I start lizzibabe's necklace!
20111112, Marilee

Imaginary Heroes

I watched this Saturday night and forgot to review it. It reminded me strongly of a similar film probably 20 years ago, oh, I remembered enough to google: Ordinary People. In Imaginary Heroes the older son kills himself, the father feels guilty, the mother is bitter, the daughter is barely on screen, and the younger son feels lost. It's not a bad movie, but I saw pretty much everything coming. The intention of the film was to show not only the loss and recovery, but how this kind of sorrow can bring secrets out and then affect the recovery.
20111112, Marilee


This was a very funny romantic movie. I think Will Smith does better in these than the thrillers. He plays Hitch, a dating coach for men, and we see him offering advice to a number of men as well as turning down a man who just wants sex. In the process of training one particular guy, he meets a girl he really likes who is a gossip columnist and they start dating. Things are a little rough, but they become even more rough when the man he turned down picked up the best friend of the girl he likes and had sex and dropped her.

You can see what's coming -- the gossip columnist goes after the Date Doctor and is shocked to find out it's Hitch and exposes him in the tabloid for which she works. The particular guy he was helping was also exposed and in the process of helping him get back with the girl he'd been dating, Hitch realizes that he can't let it go, he has to talk to his girl again.

This was really good -- I was laughing all the way through -- and I highly recommend it.