December 20th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Nekkid Men and Women

Yes, at bookgroup we discussed why ERB's characters were so often nekkid. Of course, it's because he was writing pulps! I took my Eee and paua shell to show off at bookgroup and it turns out the library has Wifi so I connected instantly (last night, while I was just checking it, I scammed onto a neighbor's Wifi). We had a discussion of ebook readers, so when I got home, I sent out the URL of the page in Charlie's Diary where there was a discussion. We took our annual Christmas picture, which Steve gave a stfnal background before he came late to dinner. We ate at Potbelly's - a counter-type sandwich, soup, salad place. I hadn't been there before because I had figured I couldn't carry the tray, but Jackie carried it for me tonight. I had a roast beef sandwich, chicken noodle soup, and the first milkshake I've had in decades. It was all good.

Since tomorrow is the death of the sun, I wore my Minicon 40 t-shirt with the Death of Rats and the Death of Cheese. Hmmm, it's sold out again. I wonder if that's good or bad. Maybe we should have more made. I also took my Winter bowl (back before the nephrologist had me stop taking cyclosporine and I had a lot more energy, I used to do ceramics and I have a bowl for each season, plus an earth-from-space bowl) and some chocolate-coated, candy-covered sunflower seeds in red & green. Fortunately, a lot were eaten because I will eat too many too soon of what's left.

Everybody else was Christmassy in one way or another, so when we left Potbelly's, they were wishing each other Merry Christmas and the silly one wished me happy Saturnalia. Like I'm pagan or something.
20111112, Marilee

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

This was our bookgroup book this month and most of the others liked it more than I did. It does help to know that it was originally a serial, because that explains a lot of the repetition.

In the late 1800s, John Carter, a fine Virginia gentleman whose slaves worshipped him, went into sort of a coma and woke up on Mars. Mars is full of warriors (after all, it's named after the god of war) and they're surprised by how powerful he is, since he's trained to a higher gravity. One group, green and nekkid, captures him and he works his way up in their hierarchy. The Martians have done an excellent job of capturing and distributing water, other than that they need a finer grade of distribution, and they know how to capture the sun's rays (not electricity, the rays). Then he found out about a scientist-type of Martian and the beautiful daughter of the leader, Dejah Thoris. Who was also green and nekkid, and, as all Martians, reproduced by eggs. He and Dejah work to get together and then to be safe, but it's a tough planet out there.

I don't like these books, and not just because of the silly/stupid science and florid language and style. I like books with a little more to them than wars and lust. Lots of people really like them, though, because the newest edition we had there was the 41st.