December 19th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Lint Snow

I had the dryer vent cleaned today and at one point, a lot of little bits came out and it really looked like snow.

When I opened the blinds over the sliding glass doors today, I said "Squirrel!" And then "Two squirrels!" and then "Three squirrels!" but it took "Four squirrels!" for Shiva to leave wet food and come look. They're so funny because they're so possessive of wherever they are. If they move, they're funny there. They chase each other around and up and down the railings and across the chair and table. And today one put its front paws up on the sliding glass doors and looked in, right in front of Shiva, and he banged his head on the glass again. Not a bad bang, no concussion.

I knew Spirit would want to hide behind the water heater in the utility room when the lint man came, which is a bad idea because that's where his noisy blower machine was going to be, so I put her in the bedroom, with the door just open a bit, when I saw his van. Well, when he came in, she dashed behind the water heater. It took her a looooong time to come out and then she had to sit on me for a while. Next year I'll have to close her in.

After he left, the mailtruck went by and since it was raining, I put shoes on as well as my coat to go get mail. Then I realized I had two letters to mail and decided to take those and drop them in the drive-by box at the post office, which I was not able to do. The box was so full that I shoved mine way in between other letters so nobody could just reach in and take them. In the mail I got some beads I ordered during a sale, but one color was not what I ordered. I called and talked to the owner's husband and he thought he filled my order, so he wasn't going to tell his wife I called! He said to keep the wrong ones and he'll ship the right ones. With bead tubes, paying to get them back is usually more than the tubes are worth.

At that point, my head was falling into the keyboard, so I took a nap. I set the phone alarm for 8pm, but it woke me up in a critical part of a dream so I reset for 8:30pm and that was fine.
20111112, Marilee

Brother to Brother

This is an award-winning movie where a young gay black man meets an old gay black man and his stories of the Harlem Renaissance are acted out while he talks. The old gay black man is Richard Bruce Nugent, a real person who was willing to show he was gay publically back then. The movie moves between now and then and the young man learns that things are not very much different for gay black men now than they were then. While it was an interesting and moving movie, there wasn't much of a plot. I think this might have been better done as a biography of Nugent. It's not rated, but the most excitement is a young man's butt.

After the movie was over and I saw the main menu again, I clicked on More from Locke, becuase I couldn't remember anybody named Locke in the movie. Well, it turns out Locke puts out gay/lesbian movies. None of the others appeared to portray real important historic people, so I probably won't watch them.

I enjoyed watching it, but if you need a plot, don't watch this movie.
20111112, Marilee

Asimov's February 2009

This is an even smaller issue where Sheila talks about how the December issue really was all about music instead of death. I doubt she reads here, so other people must have commented to her. Silverberg goes on about how it was hard to be published back in the old days, too. There's only one long piece, a novella, in this issue, and four pieces of poetry. I didn't read the Rucker/Sterling because I don't read Rucker.

The Point, a short-short by Steven Utley, was the high point of this issue. Succinct yet brainflipping, it's a great story and all too true.

The other story I mostly liked was Pelago by Judith Berman, an excerpt of an upcoming novel. My problem was that there's a creole used throughout that I had to slow down a lot to parse and that will probably keep me from reading the novel. A girl of a higher race is hiding on the ship that killed her family and hopes to kill the ship's staff. The ship is staffed by the lower race. Will she get her wish?

There was also an excellent piece of poetry, Regular Riders, by Ruth Berman. A magic look at how sometimes change doesn't. I don't know if Ruth and Judith are related, I suppose I can ask Ruth at Minicon.