December 18th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Outdoor Busy Day

I took the recycling out, deposited a check at the bank, mailed things at the Post Office (and while there was a really long line for the counters, there was no one waiting for the machine), bought buttons at Joann's, did labs, and then broke my 17-hour fast at Zabb's. This is a Thai restaurant and they have little chili peppers by each dish to tell you how hot it is, and the three-pepper, the most, is not hot at all. So I asked for a four-pepper Crispy Duck and had to actually eat the peppers to get a little buzz on my tongue and lips. Next time, I'm going to ask for something with a five-pepper equivalent.

Then home to find some things I ordered in the mail (new pillowcases, a hair toy from elise, and a new bathrobe (mine is about 20 years old and will fall apart any minute -- the chenille is missing from most of it)) plus a present from Soon Lee: a gorgeous paua shell. I've had bits of polished paua and used them as cabs, but this is a whole beautiful shell! I'm debating if I dare pack it up and take it to bookgroup on Saturday and show it, not hand it around.

My meds, coming from Kaiser's Reston pharmacy by mail, have been going through BWI and taking about four days instead of one, so I called the pharmacy and the person answering the phone (an assistant, probably) didn't know anything about it. I asked if there was a mailing supervisor there and she said there was, but he probably didn't know, either. I asked to be connected to him anyway, and as soon as I commented, he told me that they had a deal with DHL that would be cheaper than regular mail, and add only one day. DHL would pick it up in Reston (NoVA) and take it to BWI to be sorted, and then mailed from there. However, even with him talking to them several times about how four is longer than one, they haven't been able to get any better and he plans to go back just to USPS about 1/5.