December 15th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

I Was Given an Asus Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

That's as close as I get to squeeing. The Making Light folks got this for me because they thought I've done a lot of good and while I'm not sure it's that much, I'm definitely taking the computer!

I had lunch in Silver Spring with Janet, Ginger, and albatross and we had a great time and then Ginger handed over the wrapped computer! It's just what I wanted (because I'd mentioned that when someone asked what an Eee was) and I will eventually swap it for my desktop by using a USB hub for the peripherals. Charlie thinks I should have a different Linux distro and thinks I can't put it on (which is possible, I've never used Linux) but there's a Linux Users Group near and I may just do that first. Then I'll have to start moving stuff over and once that's done, I can use the old computer to rip my CDs (that will take a while!) and possibly use the drive as a tertiary backup.

The drive up, walking, having fun, walking, and drive back wore me out so I slept six hours when I got home, which means I'm just going to do a few more things and then go to bed. I'll catch up on LJ and ML tomorrow.

I mentioned at lunch how squirrels were introduced into DC and here's the story.
20111112, Marilee

Warm Today

But tomorrow is supposed to have freezing rain, so it's a good thing I'm staying in anyway. lizzibabe was here moving books around tonight and she'll be back tomorrow. I think we're just a couple of days away from being done.

I mailed a DVD and a letter and got groceries today. I'm currently washing cat blankies. When I'm done online, I'm going to put the battery in the Eee and plug it in and power it up.

You know, I so rarely go out on Sundays that when I came home from lunch yesterday, I checked for mail!