December 2nd, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Gray Again

I hope nobody in this area was looking to see the not-quite-conjunction tonight because it's been cloudy and gray all day. Lucila came to clean and we talked about retirement money. She wants to work in a couple of years to bring in money to save, but her husband, a very traditional Mexican, doesn't think women should work. I slept while she did work and then another hour (used the phone to wake me up).

I made the next psych appt (I try to call when I think his book will be open to get the best choice) for 1/8 and then called the chair company. The customer service person had a lot of trouble sending me email with the chair specs so I could identify the spring and it turned out I should have used words for letters. She misheard several letters in my edress. I finally got it, and the actual seat part seems to be one piece. I explained to her that I just needed the spring, so she's going to ask the "guys in the back" tomorrow and see if one of them has one in their toolbox or if the entire seat part has to be replaced. I don't know if that means I have to send it up to them, though, or what, so I hope they find a spring!

lizzibabe is coming tonight to haul books back and forth again so I can catalog them. If I have time tomorrow, I might go up to Kaiser Fair Oaks and have my glasses adjusted; they keep sliding down my nose.