November 24th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Another Dark Day

I was up on time, but it was still dark. It'd rained a bit, even. I headed off to the grocery store where there were no fresh turkey breasts (they seemed pretty picked over for all holiday-type stuff, actually) and the frozen breasts were all too big. I ran into a bookgroup friend several times. She has a sinus infection and still has to clean and cook for people coming for T-Day.

Several drivers seemed to have lost the idea that they have to stop for people on the crosswalk. It was very busy, lots of people going in and out, but either you wait for as much as a minute, or you back up a bit and go out the bottom side of the parking lot where there aren't any crosswalks.

I finished A Princess of Mars last night, but we don't discuss it until 12/20, so I'll give the review then. I was reading it early because I don't have my own copy and we have hold requests, so I was taking notes while reading in bed. Today I was trying to type up the notes, which required some decrypting first. I have something to mail tomorrow so I'll drop the book off, too. I'm just washing cat blankies now.