November 15th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

To bed, to bed....

Okay, important stuff at the top:

This is the cheetah-themed necklace that I made where the money will go to the World Wildlife Fund.

This is something Smokey used to do -- he was fascinated by the printer -- paper goes in one end and comes out the other smelling differently.

I did a bit of semi-cooking yesterday and I don't know if that contributed, but I came very close to fainting last night. I was in the hallway, things started to go away, I had the wrapped-in-wool feeling, but I learned on the wall and pulled bits back in and eventually got to where I could walk, holding on to the wall. I went to bed and when Spirit woke me up 90 minutes later, I felt much better.

Today was bookgroup, where I need to be brighter and more intelligent than usual, and that takes a lot of effort. I didn't know we'd be waiting so long for dinner after (Logan's Roadhouse, for those that have one near), or I might have skipped that. I'm barely moving at the moment and having trouble keeping my eyes open so I think other than the next two reviews and a couple of blog checks, I'm just going to bed really early. With any luck, I'll be up early tomorrow.
20111112, Marilee

In the Garden Of Iden by Kage Baker

I suggested Baker for the bookgroup, but we've acquired a rule that we have to read the first one of a series, so maybe I shouldn't have. Everybody but me hated it, and I like it more at least partly because I've read the others.

The Company books are about Dr. Zeus, a company of immortals who can send people back in time to rescue small children and things that are about to disappear in history. Mendoza, a young child who didn't know her own name, ends up with the Spanish Inquisition (yes, yes) and is harvested by Joseph, who has been a cyborg much longer. We skim through most of her cyborg training and botanist education and find that she's being sent to Queen Mary's England, to a country house with plants that can be saved for the future. Unfortunately, this part is amazingly boring. It turns into a bad Marythan romance, with religious overtones. I think the next book, Sky Coyote is better, but my favorite is Mendoza in Hollywood.

If you like mixing cyborgs and historical romances, this is for you.
20111112, Marilee

Asimov's January 2009

This is the second of the new book size and it also has a very short story, from Niven. There is a poem, although other than the setting out in short lines, it could be flash fiction.

The two that I really liked were:

The Lion Walk by Mary Rosenblum -- how do people keep getting into and killed in a new animal reserve in the middle of the future US?

Unintended Behaviour by Nancy Kress -- when your husband has made you just another part of his overly-technological future, what do you do?

There was one I didn't like: Messiah Excelsa by E. Salih. A time traveler tries to get a particular Stradivarius, and a good story of that could have been had in four pages. You know how one of the ways I can tell my brain is having a little lightning strike is that I can't read or can't understand words together? I turned the page to read this and thought "Oh no." Then I turned back and that was fine. I turned forward in the magazine, and that was fine. So I turned back again and realized that it was all the extra overdone words. I skimmed the story.