November 11th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

No Room in the Condo

The WashPost and TV news are making a big deal about how hotels have been sold out for a year for the inauguration and people are calling up local folks they barely know to ask for a place to stay. So the only way anybody gets to stay with me is if they're up to moving things out of the workroom and then putting sheets and such on the futon couch/bed in there (very comfortable, actually) and then then move stuff back before they leave. Mary Kay stayed with me a couple inaugurations ago (to protest) and there was little enough stuff in there that I could move it all myself. No longer.

I was up through the night again, this time with coughing. I get more seriously dehydrated in the winter and the little Rubbermaid reusable juice box bottle that I keep by the bed (only one I can pick up while lying down) wasn't enough. I had to get up and had another 32oz of rehydration fluid, which takes a while, and then went back to bed. And then I got up later to use the bathroom. So I slept until about 3:15pm, and haven't done anything even minorly notable since.

(I may sleep some more -- I ate and am still sleepy.)