November 5th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Manassas Went Democratic!

for the first time in the city's existence! From the WashPost: 54% Obama, 45% McCain. On my way home from PT, I saw a sign that said YES WE DID!

The PT agreed with me that strengthening my abdominal muscles would not help the pain in my back from where my muscles didn't heal properly after an open kidney biopsy, but she gave me some stretching exercises (to stretch the tissue) and a scary balance exercise. So now I have seven exercises to do twice a day! She was impressed by my flexibility -- even without exercising, I've stayed flexible.

I stopped at the transfer station on the way home to drop off recycling. I'd planned to do it on the way out, but I had a call from Luke asking why I hadn't been home for two or three days. I guess the 27 hours the van was at the shop seemed a lot longer to him. And the neighbor who talks constantly also stopped me as I was getting into the van to tell me she has a blocked heart (for which I'm sorry, but as usual, I had to just say "I have to go" and go in order to get her to stop talking). She wants to get her cataract fixed first, but the cardiologist wants to fix her heart first. I told her the heart should be done first.

Lucila comes tomorrow at 4pm, so I don't have to get up early, but I do need to have the trash gathered.