October 29th, 2008

20111112, Marilee


Some weatherpeople are forecasting snow tonight, mixed with rain and not sticking, but still a bit surprising this early.

I called the loan agent today and he said he was just planning to call me. The appraisal came in lower than my mortgage, which at first thought was unbelievable, but it was by comparison to recently sold units (one in my development, two others nearby) and I suppose it is possible that people are selling that low just to get out. We're going to reappraise (he'll come tomorrow) and I'll pull the last appraisal which was a lot more, but if the new appraisal is so low, there'll be no new mortgage. I was just looking to pay less each month, so it's not a disaster, plus there may be help from an FHA program designed to deal with some mortgage options, including upside-down ones.

I took the trash and recycling out, stopped by the library to pick up The Graveyard Book, mailed a package, picked up the Restasis (which I can probably only afford during winter -- the total price, Kaiser and me, is $225 and that will pop me into the Medicare Plan D donut hole fairly quickly), bought snackies at Petsmart, and had lunch at Chili's. I had the Big Mouth Bites -- four baby cheeseburgers with fries and onion straws, and iced tea.

The cats have been sleeping together all day yesterday and today (now on the chair, where they barely fit) and I think it's because of the cold.