October 25th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Pumpkin Donuts!

I had bookgroup today and it was rainy and cold and I knew Dunkin Donuts had pumpkin donuts so I diverted from my normal route and picked up a dozen of them and a dozen of orange iced raised donuts. I only had one of the pumpkin, but it was really good.

I had some trouble getting from the Dunkin Donuts to the library, though. I got what I thought was a lucky break to pull out right to the far lane and then the left turn lane and then was there for about eight minutes. The left turn lights weren't turning green, and this is the third biggest intersection in town. After the first cycle, I called the non-emergency police number and told the dispatcher and she said police were on their way and the signal guy had been contacted. During a lot of the time I was in the lane, cars were grabbing left turns when they could. But then there was a guy in front who sat through three cycles. I couldn't move because the SUV in front of me had backed up so he could pull out to the right, and the SUV in back of me had pulled up right to my bumper. Finally the guy in front got out and then I did, and I just took a later left and still got to the library on time.

I mentioned on Tuesday that the officer at my credit union was a big Scalzi fan, and she came to group and fit right in. Took next month's book, so I expect her back. There were two interesting events, though. One of our couples came in a bit late and they knew her too, because they also use that credit union. Then, she mentioned reading Farthing and said she read Jo's LJ. I said "And do you post there?" She said yes and I asked what her LJ name was. And yes, we had both seen each other's posts to different blogs. Weird!

We had another new person who took the next book, so it looks like we may be growing! We had dinner at Ruby Tuesday and I had a taste for steak, so I had the Peppercorn Mushroom Sirloin. Since I came home I've been putting things away from the bag I took to bookgroup, being online, and escorting two large crickets outdoors before the cats eat them.
20111112, Marilee

Old Man's War by John Scalzi

This was our bookgroup book this month and it went very quickly. We loved the dark humor and wondered a bit at the Marty Stu-ness.

In the future, there are human colonies out in space run by the Colonial Defense Force. The CDF keeps many secrets from Earth, including their skip drive and information about their colonies and wars. The US has nuked large portions of the Earth and people who live in those portions get to go be colonists. The only way USans can get out there is to sign up for CDF service when they're 65 and go when they're 75. Everybody assumes they'll get enhanced in some way, since most 75-year-olds are not good warriors. John Perry, our protagonist, heads up the space elevator (without a counterweight) to join the CDF. He finds himself in a new body -- green and cat-eyed -- and then under a drill sergeant's thumb.

Perry turns out to be a good soldier, with original thinking, and is rapidly promoted. He always has all the answers and knows how to do things. This is the Marty Stu part.

There are horrendous battles, terrorizing negotiations, and exceedingly unusual relationships.

I enjoyed it (although I'll read Ha'Penny and Half a Crown before I go on with his sequels) and think most people would enjoy it.