October 24th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Not Only Waking Calls,But A Knock!

And the knock was from some young boy who wanted to give me a bible message. I asked him for his solicitor's license (yes, I know that another state decided religious people aren't soliciting, but I think they're wrong). He said he wasn't soliciting. I said there were also no trespassing signs and he said he thought someone called ahead. I told him that wasn't possible and closed the door. The management company can't give that kind of permission -- they'd have to have a board meeting and they have to give us a three-day warning in writing (actually something posted on the bulletin boards near the dumpsters) and we definitely didn't have that.

Then an Unknown call and hang-up (I think this is my neighbor Helen being difficult again), and then Rick called and asked if they could come up Sunday week for lunch and I said sure. I don't usually go out on Sundays, but they only come twice a year. I told him I was refinancing my mortgage and he said he'd like to do that so I offered to get him Rick-the-loan-agent's number, but he said we could do that when he gets up here.

So I slept until 3:30pm, which set me late for the whole day. I wasn't going to go out today, but when I gave the kitties their snackies, I noticed there was only enough for another day. I've been noticing them getting lower over the last week and not doing anything about it. I had a postcard to mail and I could go ahead and get next week's money while I was out, so I did all that. I had to give them a few snackies when I put the new bags away because they're trained to think opening that drawer means snackies.

While I was out, I noticed some odd signs in the new shopping center where the new PetSmart is so I drove by them. A parking spot for a hybrid was closer to the stores than a parking spot for expectant mothers was closer to the stores than four handicapped spots, which were off the end of that entire arm. This entire shopping center has very few handicapped spots and they're all in odd places. Too bad it's in the county; I could probably get it fixed in the city. The Traffic Signal guy put in the earlier left-turn lane markings and I'm seeing people moving over when they see them, so that worked.
20111112, Marilee


I mentioned this website earlier: Helping Our Planet's Endangered Species. It's run by a young woman I've gotten to know and when she first put it up, she wasn't familiar with the legal requirements for non-profits, but that has all been worked out and there's a grand re-opening! She has specific goals, a donate page, and an auction for a tiger bookmark up now. I'll be sending some animal-themed jewelry soon for auction. Have a look!