October 22nd, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Looking Carefully at the Condo

The appraiser comes tomorrow. I want to have things neat, although there's not much I can do about the birdseed.

I slept in -- I don't remember turning the alarm off, but I did -- and then headed out with the recycling. I stopped at Tony's for a slice of rustica and an iced tea and then went to the post office to mail the trial bra back for an exchange.

Shiva has been very attentive when I've been in the kitchen -- he clearly thinks he should have something other than the dry food in the evening and I'm supposed to provide it. I think he's out of luck. Miss Girl has been more confused about where she's going than usual today. I hope this is just a day and not a new step toward the complete blindness.

It was 55F today so I wore my fall/spring coat. I considered trading my Bush-with-Pinocchio-nose button for one of the Obama buttons, but the Obama buttons are meant for my collars and are small. I always have the All One Planet button on the coat I'm wearing, it's just the other side that changes.