October 13th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

Hot Again!

It was 83F today and will be hotter tomorrow. Just as well I'm staying in tomorrow. I went to the Giant for groceries and sprung for a small pork tenderloin on sale. I'll cook it tomorrow and put meal-size amounts up in the freezer. I'm washing cat blankies and all the hand towels in the house, and the dryer buzzed while I was typing. I went to get two cat blankies out and realized as my hair lifted toward the dryer that I'd forgotten to put the dryer sheet in. It's the only washing where I use a dryer sheet, and I just use it because the actual crocheted blanket cat blankies are in acrylic. They're much easier to wash and dry if there's cat problems, but they do require dryer sheets. I anticipate shocks when I go to bed.

I have neighbors moving at the end of the week (they want a month to clean the condo up) and they plan to rent it until they can sell. I have neighbors directly across from them and one story up who want to rent a different condo here because the folks above them have noisy little kids and adults who come in and out until about 4am. So I mentioned to the movers that there was someone who might want to rent; now I just have to see Laura and Ko and tell them the condo will be up for rent. I'll miss the moving neighbors -- the husband was one of the few original owners left (he married a few years after he moved in) -- but they built a custom home and I'm happy for them.

I couldn't vote for this guy, but he lives near so I apologize for him comparing Obama to Bin Laden. I expected the speaker to be from a more rural county, but no, it's the county around my city.

Also in today's WashPost, the Monday Human Behavior column examines some studies that show that white Americans tend to think of minority Americans as foreigners:

"The less you see Obama as American compared to McCain, the less likely you are to vote for him," Devos said.