October 10th, 2008

20111112, Marilee

I Got Antibiotics!

Apparently lots of people are sick right now and I couldn't see my own primary who would believe that I had an ear infection even though it looks fine, so I prepared. I saw a family practice doctor and I showed her the gout tophi on my right hand and then pointed out that it's not red and swollen. So not being red and swollen doesn't mean I don't have something. I think she might have still been a little sceptical until I made the noise I hear in my ear when I bend over. So I have amoxicillin and took one already. The ear doesn't really hurt a lot, it's just this ongoing ache with occasional spurts of pain. I don't normally really think of my ears.

I came home and went back to work on the email. People are being wonderfully generous to Soren! I've taken breaks to eat and do laundry; tomorrow my brother and his family come to take me out to lunch, then they go on to Skyline Drive and down to some apple-picking and back home the next day. I wonder if my nephew will come this time.
20111112, Marilee

Cauldron by Jack McDevitt

Usually I read his books as soon as they get here, but I was in the middle of a set of Charlie Stross' books and then I had bookgroup books and I just got to it.

This is another in the Priscilla Hutchins series and I wonder if it's the last. The story has references to all the other books and deals with the Omega clouds, plus the end has a little wrap-up for each character living at the end. If it's the end, I'd like to reread them all.

The Academy that has done a lot of the actual space research is about to close because people are not so interested anymore (like us not going into space so much anymore) when a young physicist shows up and offers them a working Locarno engine. The first trial of the Locarno engine, originally developed by his mentor, failed. He's been able to do more work and he's sure it will work now. The first part of the book is dedicated to getting a ship to put the engine on, getting money, testing it (when suddenly lots of money starts showing up), and then getting ready for a trip to the Cauldron.

The Cauldron is the area near the galactic center that is sending out the Omega clouds, and it's very radioactive. Hutch and four others decide to prove the long distance virtue of an engine that goes so much faster than the original that it's only three months to galactic center. They plan to come out of the Silvestri space three times and visit planets/areas that have had some significance before they could go out there. Things happen, as you might expect, and when they finally make it to the Cauldron and find out the origin of the Omega clouds, people start showing their true colors.

I really like McDevitt's books, so I'm massively prejudiced, but I highly recommend this.